Our Specialties

Although we have a broad range of knowledge regarding Ethiopian cultures, history, landscapes and natural history to meet each of our client’s needs, there are some areas of expertise that we take particular pride in saying that we are honestly the best in the business. These areas of expertise include the following.

  • The birds of Bale
  • The wildlife of Bale
  • The cultures of Bale
  • The history of Bale
  • Historical, cultural and natural sites in Bale
  • Photography in Bale (i.e. photogenic areas, where to find specific wildlife species, where to find specific bird species, etc.)
  • Research in Bale (i.e. areas that meet the predefined needs for a suitable study site, where to find species of interest, seasonal changes that may affect data collection, etc.)
  • Rock climbing in Bale (i.e. where to find suitable faces and opportunities for bouldering)
  • Sport fishing in Bale (where to find fish in the rivers around Bale Mountains National Park)