Special Offers & Services

We recognize the importance, hard work and dedication of some of those who visit. Either it be promoting local conservation, volunteering, pursuing higher education or in encouraging and organizing others to visit. We appreciate your efforts and in return offer the following discounts to following groups.


Ethiopian Residents:

Conserving Ethiopia’s natural resources and natural areas ultimately comes down to you. As such, we want you to visit and experience the natural beauty of your country that way you can spread the word of your experience to those closest around you and help promote the conservation of Ethiopia’s remaining natural treasures. As such, and in addition to receiving ‘resident’ park fees, we offer a 20% discount on all guiding fees and a 50% discount on our equipment rentals.

Large Groups:

We appreciate the efforts of those who encourage and organize large groups to come and visit. Through your word the image of Bale can be spread. As such, we will pay any park and guiding fees and offer free equipment rentals to the group leader of any group of 7 people or more people (including the group leader).


Pursuing a higher education is always admirable and we understand that budgets are tight so, in addition to ‘student’ park fees, we offer any students (upon proof), either national or foreign, with a 10% reduction in our guiding fees.

Peace Corps Volunteers:

We appreciate the hard work, dedication and sacrifice that Peace Corp Volunteers make in improving the lives of our fellow Ethiopians. As such, we offer all currently active or leaving Peace Corps Volunteers with a 20% reduction in our guiding fees and a 50% discount with our equipment rentals which is in addition to receiving ‘resident’ park fees.


We take pride in offering special services to professional photographers, professional film makers and researchers who are interested in and conduct work in Bale. These special service in addition to our expertise in the region (see ‘Our Specialities’ page for more information) we can help you in organizing your trip and in obtaining any pertinent licenses or permits that your work may require.
In addition, we can plan and organize trips for large groups and volunteer groups that may have special needs and requirements. Just let us know and we will take care of the details.